Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's For Dinner?

It has been ages since I have posted. Life has once again happened while I was making plans. So many things have gone by the wayside, not the least of which is a trip to grocery store.

My days are long and once home, I begin to think "what's for dinner?, the common cry of the busy woman. Like Old Mother Hubbard, I fear opening the cupboard will only reveal bare shelves with little more than a can of tuna and a few spices. Lucky for me there is also a box of crackers around here somewhere. Instant dinner!

Kelly Donlea has come to the rescue with her new cookbook, 70 Meals, One Trip To The Store. No more looking into the cupboard and realizing you are missing the one ingredient you need. Also the common cry of the busy woman. Well, dry your tears and open the book. There you will find a shopping list that once compiled, your worries about what's for dinner or the missing link in the recipe will never darken your cupboard door again.

Along with shopping lists - a semi annual and weekly list, Kelly has a recipe index with 70 meals of a variety of chicken, ground beef, fish, pizza and pasta recipes to compliment any dinner table and bellies of a hungry family. The shopping list is organized into "core ingredients" with multiple uses across the many recipes. When you cut the "ingredient clutter", life in the kitchen becomes simple and delicious.

With several recipes for meatloaf or meatballs, pizza and wraps, the opportunities to raise a fork in tummy full delight are bountiful. Easy to read, 70 Meals is a great way to engage children in the making of a meal. From the trip to the grocery store to the choosing of the meal, children learn the value of nutrition, organizing and helping in the kitchen. Bringing new meaning to family time, Kelly Donlea's new cookbook is the new cry of the busy mom. Entrees, one-pot dishes, soups and side dishes there is something to please everyone and satisfy even the most rumbly belly.

Find more of Kelly Donlea's organizing tips on her web site You will find her other cookbook, Cook Once, Eat Twice, along with her Blog, recipes and Dinner 911. Making mealtime fun instead of another chore - that's what a wise grandma would do.