Sunday, January 25, 2009

Volunteers Make It Happen!

I must admit that one of my favorite jobs doesn't involve a paycheck. I am a Meals on Wheels Volunteer. Once a week I have the privilege of delivering hot meals to seniors in my neighborhood. And an added bonus are my partners, Navigator Orville Smith and my Back Seat Driver and co-pilot is my granddaughter. She also happens to be the Navigator's Great Granddaughter. We are three generations in one blue van, bringing food and a few smiles and giggles to about 20 people on our weekly route.

One thing about this job, everybody is happy to see you. I think my granddaughter likes to go because the seniors usually give her a piece of candy or a cookie. Orville, is my 90 year old father in law. He has Alzheimer's. It is odd the things he remembers and even stranger the things he does not. 

We deliver to a woman who has an apple orchard. He loves to pick apples when we visit her and she is so happy that someone enjoys the apples. When we are getting close to her house, he always says "Don't forget to stop and get some apples." It is one of his favorite things to do, second only to going out for lunch afterwards. He knows the Taco Time we go to and reminds me when and where to turn. But ask him who I am and he will tell you "that girl". He hasn't remembered my name in over a year. 

There are very few moments in life when we have the opportunity to change the world around us for the better. Volunteer. It is worth every penny! That's What A Wise Grandma Would Do.

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