Friday, March 27, 2009

How Will I Be So Kind?

I review books as part of my job. When Nico and Lola came across my desk, I was impressed with how the author, Meggan Hill and photographer, Susan Graunke, had captured the essence of kindness in the face of a three year old little boy named Nico and an adorable pug, named Lola

The photographs tell the story, but the concept behind this wonderful book is the message to be kind. Meggan Hill explains that this broad concept of teaching a child what it means to be kind is what prompted her to write the book. Susan's photographs capture the actions of these two rascals as they learn what it means to be kind, to share and help others. 

This delightful book not only takes a unique approach to teaching children the concept of kindness but draws an immediate connection through the use of photographs of real people and animals. Listening to their conversation about the book, you realize the fun they had in writing this story and the passion they share for bringing strong lessons into clear view for parents, grandparents and teachers. 

Nico and Lola is a must have book for children. It is a story that my granddaughter loves hearing over and over again. She thinks Lola is "so cute" and loves seeing Nico hold Lola's paw. I guarantee this is one of the best children's books around and certainly one that needs to make its way into your child's Easter Basket or birthday party.

How Will I Be So Kind? Look for Nico and Lola by Meggan Hill Photography by Susan Graunke and published by Genuine Prints. It is available online at for $16.95 or at Spread the word - kindness counts! That's What a Wise Grandma Would Do!

Enjoy the interview with Meggan and Susan on WG Radio!

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