Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moving On

In the blink of an eye, children become young adults and as if that were not difficult enough to comprehend, we have to accept the fact that means we have also moved on. My grandsons graduating from 8th grade this week, was not nearly as difficult to understand as the fact that they will be entering high school come Fall! How did that happen?

The interesting thing about these milestones is that although we pass that mile marker, another looms ahead. We find ourselves once again at the top of our game and ready to plunge to the bottom of the next. From 8th grader, to parent and now grandparent, I have been there, I have done it three times with my own children and now have a t-shirt with my grandkids names on it! Seriously, how did that happen?

My granddaughter informed me that she is having a kindergarten graduation....what? Now I will have to draw the line here. These age defying moments are piling up. My 40th high school reunion, my 4th grandchild, yes, even my parents' 80th birthdays. It is tough to grow old gracefully when these milestones keep telling us how far down the road we are.

So to all of us whose children and grandchildren are hell bent on making us feel our age, remember that candlelight is your friend. Meanwhile, enjoy the road trip between the milestones!

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