Monday, August 31, 2009

Daddy Knows Best

Apples do not fall very far from the tree, but in our family of nuts, I have fallen very far from my Dad's side of the tree. But I have to thank him since he is why I am not only a writer but an Executive Director for a youth theatre company.

My Dad does not like musical theatre. He can't understand why anyone would break out into song in the middle of a conversation. Not being a big opera fan, I have to agree but musical theatre is driven by the tunes that surround the story line and the toe tapping results are magical.

So why do I thank my Dad for this passion? As a reporter in Southern California, he received complimentary tickets to the new Melodyland Theatre in Anaheim. Its unique format of theatre in the round graced the scene on July 2, 1963 with Annie Get Your Gun. My Dad was given tickets to Fiddler on The Roof. The last thing he wanted to do was to sit with these musical yahoos singing and dancing around him with no way to exit easily from the carousel seating arrangement.

My Mom LOVES theatre and gladly took the tickets and brought her three young children to watch the magical fiddler guide Tevye through his Traditions! We revisted that magical moment over 40 years later in Portland, OR. Sitting next to my mother at the Schnitzer Theatre, we watched Topol, who has played the role all over the world not to mention the movie 38 years ago, take command of his little town of Anatevka. We marveled at his agility, his voice and his personal and humorous conversations with God. An outstanding performance by the man born to play the role.

So thanks, Dad, for once again giving me the opportunity to spend a great experience with my Mom and enjoy one of my favorite musicals. My Mom and I have shared this off Broadway experience a few times, celebrating my birthday in the process. It is becoming Tradition! And that's exactly what a Wise Grandma intends to keep on doing!

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