Friday, April 30, 2010

Do You Know Where Your Cell Phone Is?

Hopefully your cell phone is safely tucked in your purse, pocket or glovebox. How can something so small and so prevalent in our world today be such a big problem? Distracted driving has become a national epidemic.
The statistics are sobering with 28% of all accidents, 6,000 deaths and half a million injuries as the result of cell phone distraction either texting or talking. Drivers are 23 times more likely to have an accident when using a cell phone. Texting while driving has been banned and 6 states ban hand held phones but no states ban all cell phone use despite the fact that the University of Utah reports that their research demonstrates that the crash risk doubles those of driving with .08 alcohol blood levels.
A British campaign went viral with parents and schools requiring students to watch. The shock value aimed at impressing young people, the dangers of this rising problem. There should be no reason to be on your phone when you realize it could save a life or protect one. With a 30% reduction in focus and attention when using a cell phone while driving, it does seem to be a no brainer.
Oprah has focused her attention to No Cell Phone Day and has placed a policy in her company of no cell phones while driving to and from work, including the limousine company she hires. It has caused a bit of an uproar, but since her days as a national reporter working on stories about MADD, Oprah has seen the drop in drunk driving accidents from that campaign. She hopes this will be as effective. You can sign the pledge and be a part of the solution. That's exactly what a wise grandma will do. I am number 227855.


gramcracker said...

Great post. You must follow Oprah daily. I don't get to watch her at all. I don't have DVR and I am at work when her show comes on. I had heard about the study done reporting about the use of hand held cell phones while driving being more dangerous than drunk driving. What day is that no cell phone day. If the day has past, then how did it turn out. Will Oprah report on the things learned from that "no cell phone day"?

Wise Grandma said...

Been busy writing rather than texting:-) Oprah is still focusing on this growing problem and I think she is making a difference. How that particular day turned out, I never did hear. But I do know she continues to push the issue. I don't watch Oprah unless I just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Not much of a TV watcher other than to gather news worthy information.

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