Friday, July 2, 2010

And All The Little Mice Wept

Yesterday, another piece of my childhood slipped away, almost unnoticed. I can picture her little mice friends all standing with the hats she made them in their hands, with heavy hearts sighing for their dear Cinderelly. The voice of a nightingale, or rather a fairytale princess legend will be forever silent.

Ilene Woods, the voice of Disney's Cinderella passed away July 1, 2010. This fairytale princess began as a teenage radio star. As a favor, Woods made a demo recording of "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" and "So This Is Love". After hearing the demo, Walt Disney contacted Ilene to audition for the role of Cinderella. Even though he had already interviewed 300 singers, Disney was said to have been impressed when he heard Ilene's voice on the demo.

And the rest is history. A character comes to life, not only through the magic of the very talented and imaginative Disney animation crews, but also from a voice that is recognizable to this day as the poor cinder girl, Cinderella. Ilene said of her experience after being declared a Disney legend in 2003, "Knowing that so many years from now, when I'm gone, that children will still be hearing my voice and enjoying the movie is the biggest thrill to come out this altogether. It was wonderful and wonderful working with Walt and all of the beautiful artists."

A true classic for this grandma, her children, her grandchildren and undoubtedly great grandchildren for generations to come, Ilene Woods will forever be Cinderella making every little girl believe that a dream truly is a wish that your heart makes. "Sing Sweet Nightingale"

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