Saturday, January 9, 2010

Are You Man Enough?

Ever since Seinfeld yelled out on a New York street that someone had stolen his European carry all, it has become fashionable for men to carry purses. Yes, a purse - call it what you will, a rose by any other name is still a rose. Or in this case, a "murse".

Why would they want to? I am always looking for reasons to leave mine behind. More stuff gets lost in them, than is actually ever used. Because we have a purse we think we should carry more than we need and spend more time looking for an item than using it.

I think this is some form of equality for men. We want equal pay for equal work and they want equal carry on luggage. Seems fair, I suppose. But now they will face the same issues women do everyday. "Does this bag match my shoes?" "Oh, I left it in my other European hand bag." "I know it must be in here somewhere." Yes, murses come in every style, color, fabric and size any man could possibly want.

What will they put in these man bags? A hammer or screwdriver? Other than breath mints, what do they need to carry? Cellphone fits in a pocket and they never seemed to have any problem carrying their wallet. Technology is supposed to make our life easier, but obviously it creates more to carry.

But here is the biggest problem with the man bag. Who is going to carry our purse when we our hands are full? Perhaps equality in accessories is not a good thing. Like the airlines, I think we should limit all carry ons. If traveling as a couple - only one bag carries it all and I am all for the man bag being the one. That is what a wise grandma would do.

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Robert said...

Hi Eularee!

I often use a carry-bag when going around London. It's slightly feminine of course, but practical!

Great reading your blog and see a computer savvy grandma. I wrote a blog which I'd love you to read about my grans: