Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recycle Thwarts Reuse

I have been using reusable cloth bags for several years when I go shopping. I even bought bags for my adult children one year as a Christmas bag filled with their presents. The bags come with me when I take my mother in law to the market. I use them to take things to the office, carry goodies to a party or books to and from the library.

The bags live in my car creating a life style change and a habit. But my diligence has brought about an unexpected downside.

A long time subscriber to the reduce, reuse and recycle philosophy, I reused the grocery plastic bags as trash can liners, doggie doo pick-ups and packing material for shipping boxes. Brown bags were reused to line baking dishes, wrap packages and make book covers. Now I find my resource material has disappeared! I have systematically rid myself of these reusable materials by using recyclable bags.

I suppose this is a good thing and was inevitable. I still believe in the cloth bag, but may have to pay for the privilege. But, that is what a wise grandma will do.

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