Monday, February 8, 2010

Wheels In The Air

Staring out at the fog on the tarmac in Seattle, I am bleary-eyed and anxious to get home. Leaving from Boise last night, the flight was delayed an hour, which translated to missing the connection in Seattle. My choices - wait until the following day and fly standby out of Boise or take the delayed flight last night and sleep in the Seattle airport until the next flight to Eugene, OR this morning.

Cellphone in hand, bluetooth in ear, I hustled to contact those waiting on the other side of this delay, the Alaska Airlines clerk continually kept me updated on my options. She suggested the standby flight as the best option because Alaska could not guarantee the connection in Seattle and because of the Superbowl, she thought it likely some would sleep in and miss their morning flight out of Boise.

Not being much of a gambler, I weighed my options with those who had the burden of canceling meetings, appointments and would have to arrange their schedules to pick me up at the airport. The clerk found me in the lobby and told me she had arranged for a hotel in Seattle and would get me on an early flight to Eugene. Done!

From the moment I was given the news about the delayed flight, Alaska has been outstanding in their service, attitude and accommodations. The hotel was excellent, breakfast on the house, shuttle service to the front door and at the airport both in Boise and Seattle. A rare commodity - customer service.

I will write all this in a print format and mail directly to the CEO of Alaska Airlines. Making it their business to make their customer happy. Yes, that is definitely what a wise grandma would do. Hey, they are calling my flight - gotta fly!

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