Saturday, February 13, 2010

The World On Ice

I am not much of a sports junkie. Baseball is my sport. I may have learned everything I needed to know in Kindergarten, but Baseball is my religion and philosophy for living.

But I must admit, the Olympics have always captured my attention. Olympians are a dedicated group of individuals who spend every waking moment, working toward a four year goal of competing on a world stage.

Although not a big fan of snow, cold or ice, Olympian fever is warming my winter soul. The energy, enthusiasm, the agony and glory - all essential elements of life, take center stage on Whistlers Mountain in Vancouver for the next few weeks. The cultures represented are not only fascinating but one of the few times when we are invited to learn about each other with open arms and hearts. Cheering our USA team but recognizing the skill and dedication of all the athletes. We hear their stories, we learn about their countries, their culture and their sport.

Encourage your child and grandchild to engage in this moment of world unity. For those connected, Twitter has a list of Olympians who Twitter. Connect to their experiences in real time. I'm following @ApoloAntonOhno. That's What a Wise Grandma Would Do.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not a sports junkie either, but I loved the pair skating last night and plan to watch it again tonight. Ordinarily, I can walk away from TV, but the human drama of the Olympics hooks me.