Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some New "Stuff" - Gobble Gobble

The holidays are something I always look forward to - as many of us do because we get to spend time with family. At our Thanksgiving dinner, the menu is fairly predictable, as my children, and my grandchildren, have all been molded into being picky eaters. I'm unsure if it's genetic or if I should take some blame, but either way it's very difficult to bring new recipes into the mix.

This year I've decided to mix things up just a little bit, and instead of traditional stuffing I'm making cornbread stuffing. Yes, I know, it's not out there, but trust me, I know my family and how far they're capable of stretching their taste buds - it's not far.

If you're interested in venturing outside your usual cornbread recipe this year, check out this video from Martha Stewart on how to make cornbread stuffing.

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