Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Introducing - Wise Grandma

I have been called many names, some nicer than others, but I think my favorite is Grandma.

By way of credentials, I must confess that I did not come by the title of Grandma honestly. I am an instant grandmother. My daughter married a wonderful man with twin boys. These two impish bookends were an unexpected bonus in my life. Although I did not have to go through the hovering, worry, aches and pains and endless waiting that most mothers do with their pregnant daughters, I can’t say that being an instant grandmother was all that easy either.

I jumped right in with both arms. I am convinced now that God gave us two arms just in case we had twins. Mothers and grandmothers with multiple blessings beyond that must be grateful for their feet and toes. There were very few tricks these two could run past me, that I had not invented or had the playbook memorized.

I joyously accepted grandparenthood in overnight fashion. I quickly realized though, that this new role was more than baby-sitting or simply the offering of advice. It is more of a hands on job. Always ready for new challenges, I set the rocking chair aside and set about to find fun ways of engaging these techno savvy children. This grandma has a new bag of tricks.

Lucky for me, I am a quick study. My granddaughter is now the book between the bookends. After spending most of my adult life as a work-at-home mom, I intend to fully relish the new and younger lifestyle of the work-at-home grandma. Young enough to still remember the fun of being a child, yet wise enough to know the limits, and creative enough to mix the two, let’s discover the true fountain of youth, grand-parenting. That’s what a wise grandma would do.

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