Monday, September 14, 2009

Technology Friend or Foe

I just finished a wonderful read - The Black Berry Diaries, Adventures in Modern Motherhood by Kathy Buckworth. Being a grandmother of three and one who tends to resist the tether of technology (try saying that three times fast), I found myself being drawn to the BBSP (abbreviated moniker BlackBerry Smartphone) if only for the comedic value.

With style and humor, Kathy explores the challenges of being a working two jobs mom - motherhood putting her on the front lines and the Blackberry Diaries are the journalling of how she incorporates tantrums and technology in order to keep her writing career on track. Between diapers, teen angst, hockey practice and games, Kathy takes us through the challenges, realities and humor of the 21st century mom.

As she journals her fast paced life with BlackBerry in and out of it's holster, she chronicles her first year with Seamus, her personal tech assistant and main character in this funny, well written look into her life. Mother of four, Kathy infers that Seamus, her BBSP, has become her fifth child, demanding her attention every bit as much as the other four. But Seamus somehow has her best interests at heart, making sure she has the critical information to continue her writing career at her fingertips.

But can she truly be saved from the foibles of children, husband, (yes, not even he is safe from her crafty wit) and those with Berry-envy, by this little technological wizard? Read more to find out.

As for me, I am trying to avoid the thorns from the Oregon Blackberries that have taken over my backyard...maybe a BBSP is a less thorny challenge. That's What A Wise Grandma Should Do!

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