Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On A Need To Know

Both of my parents are journalists. At one time, they owned a local newspaper, Mission Press, in Southern California. Everyday several newspapers were on the doorstep, morning and evening editions. The news was considered a sacred trust whose primary focus to inform us on a need to know basis. 

There has been a critical shift in the focus of the news. Today we are bombarded by news that on a need to know basis - we don't. At the top of that list right now - Tiger Woods. Why do we need to know this man's private life? Why do we need to know how many, who they are and where they met and what they emailed? Why do we need to continue the humiliation for his wife, children, parents? On a need to know - why do we need to?

Since there has been no criminal action, there should be a cease and desist order on this avalanche of this gossip column style journalism. Enquiring minds can find tabloid magazines who are in business to handle the scandals are available for purchase at the checkout stand. Making a conscious choice to give Mr Woods and his family privacy in this painful, none of our business moment and choose on a need to know basis, not to  - priceless. That is what a wise grandma would do. 

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